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dreamscience Med now contains a full user profiling system so you can keep your personal details private, but still display things that the public may need to see. Your public details are visible when you list items on our site in either the Used (Marketplace) section, or the Auctions section.

These public details include: your name, your company name, your general location (city/country), and a contact telephone number. You can also add in a paragraph or two explaining the areas that your company deals in, along with an image (maximum 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high) maybe your company logo or you can choose one from our gallery. Note that website urls or email addresses are not allowed in this section, although we are looking at ways of allowing this in the future so you can add in your links.

The details that you enter on registration are never displayed on our site anywhere (except your name). These are purely for administration purposes, and for contact from dreamscience Lab. However once you've registered and logged in you should go to your Edit Profile page, which allows you to set up your public profile details.

The Edit Profile page has four tabs as follows:

  • Portrait - here you can choose one of our gallery images, or upload your own company logo or photo (the image will be resized to a maximum of 200 pixels wide by 200 pixels high).
  • User Details - this tab contains your log in details. You cannot change your username but you can change your name and password here. All of these fields are required.
  • Contact Details - this tab contains your public profile details. All of these fields are visible to the public on any items that you list, however none of the fields are required so you may leave any section blank if you prefer.
  • Account Details - this final tab contains your postal address which is required for your membership to our site. This address is also used as your default billing address if you ever decide to purchase from our New Equipment section. The fields on this page are required.

Your email address is never displayed on our site, all email contact is through webpage forms. These forms are sent to you direct from the website and from there you have the option of replying directly (thus revealing your email address to the potential purchaser) or by logging into our website and contacting them through our Personal Messaging System (keeping your email address private).

When you have filled in all the tabs press Save to update your profile. Please note that there are required fields on the User Details tab and the Account Details tab - if you don't fill in all the required fields you will not be able to update your profile.


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