General Selling Guide

Selling your medical, hospital or vetinary equipment may be necessary due to relocation, closure, down-sizing or even upgrading.  There are a number of ways in which you can do this including auction, marketplace websites, and independent suppliers.

Keeping Up To Date

There are a number of websites that provide news and updates. Health Care News is a good start with new articles added daily covering general development, seminars and training. You can also visit and Laboratory Talk to get up-to-date on the latest news and products. Finally, if you are not quite sure what healthcare and vetinary equipment is needed to achieve your objectives then contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


Auctions are good way to sell your entire site or large quantities of equipment. Auctioneers need to make their money so there is often a fixed cost for setting up the auction and a premium on each item sold. The fixed costs are often into the 1000’s of £$€’s, but there is the convenience of having your equipment catalogued, checked and all the hassle of shipping and sale co-ordination handled for you.

Market Place Websites

There are now healthcare equipment marketplaces online where you can list your items. Some charge and some do not. You can get your items straight to buyers in a matter of minutes. The important things to consider when choosing where to sell your items are the coverage that the website receives and also any additional features they provide.

Independent healthcare equipment companies

There are a number of companies that sell medical, hospital and vetinary equipment. To do this, they need to buy equipment. You can simply phone them and get a price including collection. With the price of transportation and labour, certain bulky items with low value, such as fridges may not realise a value, but other items such as balances and analytical equipment can be of high value. There are a number of companies listed below including dreamscience that offer clearance services.

Where Do dreamscience Fit In?

dreamscience Lab and Medical are a mixture of all three types! We offer a marketplace area which is completely free of charge for users to list and buy equipment from each other. We also offer a full auction listing website, again for completely free public use, and on occasion to deal with lot clearances on behalf of our clients. We also regularly conduct equipment clearances so it's always worth getting in touch to see if we can help you!


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