WEEE Regulations

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What is WEEE?

The 2nd of January 2007 saw the introduction of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations in the UK. These regulations are a new piece of producer responsibility legislation which aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) ending up in landfill. Instead the regulations require the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of WEEE.

Under the hazardous waste regulations from 2005 certain electrical items such as IT equipment have already been re-classified as 'hazardous' and must be disposed of accordingly.

What does this mean for my business?

If you decide to renew/replace/refurbish your equipment assets then you will need to have a clear and correct exit route for your old equipment. Previously this meant removal by normal everyday waste collection methods, or even in smaller cases by visiting a local landfill/waste collection centre yourself - both methods being at low or no cost.

Now you have an obligation as a business to ensure that your waste electrical and electronic equipment is collected, removed and correctly processed, and of course this usually comes at a premium cost.

So it costs you to buy the equipment in the first place, and now it also costs you to throw it away!

dreamscience recycle as much WEEE items as possible to other end users...

This is where dreamscience can help you. We can dramatically reduce the amount you need to throw away by recycling any re-usable goods to end users rather than as waste products. We have countless contacts with buyers daily who are seeking obscure and obsolete electrical and electronic items from laboratory equipment through general IT all the way to medical treatment and analysis equipment, and using our combination of online presence, worldwide auctions and industry contacts we are able to find new homes for most items that were headed for landfill sites.

There's nothing enviromentally sound in reducing old equipment to base materials only for it to be reformed into newer equipment generating a larger carbon footprint in the process. However having the knowledge that something you were about to throw away will instead provide a use elsewhere is the complete opposite, reducing the global carbon footprint and gaining peace of mind that you've not added to the problem.

And best of all, we'll pay YOU for the privilege!

We'll visit your site and assess your WEEE removal requirements, anything that we deem as re-usable will be assigned a value. After the assessment we are able to offer you a payment to remove your re-usable equipment, and we'll also offer you a cost to remove the rest of your waste too.

Invariably you will end up in credit, in some cases you may be unlucky but still break even - but remember this is all compared to other WEEE removal companies where you always end up with another bill.

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So what areas do you cover?

We are able to efficiently handle WEEE clearances from small companies all the way up to multi site organisations. Our team works throughout the UK and on request in Europe, on one off clearances or larger regular projects from our corporate clients. We employ PHD trained equipment assessors, experience packing staff and IT experts to make sure everything goes to plan and all legal requirements are met.

Do you handle hazardous waste?

By it's legal definition hazardous waste now includes items as trivial as PC monitors, fridge freezers up to dangerous chemicals - and we have solutions for them all. We pride ourselves as always being able to help, so take your first step in clearing your WEEE removal problems by contacting dreamscience!


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