Medical Clearances

Let dreamscience handle your medical clearance needs...

Convert your surplus or unwanted medical equipment to CASH!

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your medical equipment, including:

  • Relocation
  • End of Project

  • Replacing / Renewing
  • Site Closure

Medical Clearances

These situations can often be sudden and difficult to organise. Even small sites accumulate a lot of general and specific medical equipment over the course of a project, and with the current WEEE regulations you have obligations as a business to ensure your equipment is correctly removed and legally processed.

dreamscience can help take out some of the strain - we'll visit your site(s), assess your surplus or unwanted medical equipment and make you an offer for a complete clearance. If you're happy with the offer then we'll transfer the funds immediately and remove all of the agreed items from your location to our storage facility for further processing. It's really as simple as that!

dreamscience can clear your medical lab regardless of size...

Our equipment assessors are PHD trained and have in depth knowledge and experience regarding most types of medical equipment. We've bought a wide range of items in the past, including:

  • Microscopes
  • Balances
  • Centrifuges/Rotors

  • Reaction Systems
  • HPLC/FPLC Equipment
  • Cryogenic Equipment

  • Ovens/Incubators
  • Water Baths
  • Vacuum/General Pumps

  • Spectrophotometers
  • Pipettors and Tips
  • and much more!


contact the dreamscience team today to begin your medical clearance... We are also able to help with the brokering of your items. In these cases we will visit your site, appraise your used medical equipment and advise on what price we think it will attain in the current market. We'll also negotiate a brokering fee as a percentage of the sale price - you don't pay our brokering fee until the item is sold.

If you agree to our valuation and brokering fee then we'll prepare and photograph the item, and take any details to help with the sale. We'd prefer to leave equipment that still belongs to you in your care although on request we can negotiate to remove equipment to our storage facility whilst a buyer is found.

We'll then commence on a full marketing process, including listing it here on our lab marketplace website, on regular worldwide industry auctions, on other medical equipment retailer websites, and we'll also bring the item to the attention of our extensive mailing list and personal contacts of buyers and users throughout the world.

Once we've found a buyer and negotiated the best possible price then we'll completely handle the sale process including legalities, shipping and collection of the funds. Once the funds have been collected we will immediately transfer them into your bank account less our brokering fee, and our job is done.

With a proven track record and years of experience we are sure we can help you in the removal of your unwanted medical equipment, however diverse it may be.

So which option is best for me?

contact the dreamscience team today to begin your medical clearance...

Medical clearances are ideal where you have a short timescale and need to clear your location quickly or raise funds immediately. They are a fast and effective way of removing your surplus medical equipment without the need for the long process of auctions, multiple viewings and any of the hassle associated with other clearance processes.

On the other hand, brokering your items may end up attaining a better price for your equipment, however this is not always the case. At dreamscience we will work hard to find a buyer at the right price and as quickly as possible, but you may need to be prepared to wait a number of weeks or months before the process is complete.


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