General Buying Guide

The way you buy medical equipment can save you a massive amount of money and there are several routes you can take. The main ones are to buy New, or to buy Used Equipment, either by Auction, or Classified Ads.

Keeping Up To Date

There are a number of websites that provide news and updates. Health Care News is a good start with new articles added daily covering general development, seminars and training. You can also visit and Laboratory Talk to get up-to-date on the latest news and products. Finally, if you are not quite sure what healthcare and vetinary equipment is needed to achieve your objectives then contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Buying New

Using a search engine, you can rapidly find what you need. However, most people limit searching just to the country in which they live. This can limit you however, especially when buying from the UK. Buying from other countries can work out much cheaper, especially the USA and most suppliers can deliver within a week using a courier.

Voltage and options are not usually a problem because most modern lab equipment is now dual voltage. Do check on voltage to be safe, but also make sure that the unit operates at the right frequency (50Hz in UK) as this can affect the speed and performance of equipment incorporating mains powered motors.

Buying by Auction

Auctions are a great way to save on used and sometimes new equipment. There are a number of auctioneers operating around the world and most now offer an online bidding service. Most auction registrations can be completed online in minutes and then you can view pictures of equipment, examine the specifications and then bid from the comfort of your chair. It is important to note, however, that buyers are usually expected to examine the goods before bidding, for potential faults and that successful bidders usually need to arrange collection and payment within a few days of the auction ending.

Most auctions have a recommended shipping company that can arrange shipment for you, so don’t be too scared. If you are looking to kit out a whole lab, you can certainly offset the cost of shipping with the massive potential savings that you’ll make, so you may wish to look further afield and bid on auctions in other countries too – be sure to check the voltage and frequency though! Remember, that auctions are often cheap but there are seldom warranties, no returns and try before you buy is sometimes inconvenient.

Buying by Classified Ads

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